Stay on top of your business and quickly Manage eBay cases with the Resolution Center.

Finding, filtering, and syncing cases

  • Quickly switch between tabs to display certain types of cases (located at the top-left of your cases)

  • View certain cases by applying filters,

  • or, quickly search by Item, Buyer, and Case ID.

  • A quick sync button (on the right-hand side of the Search Bar) will update your table with any new cases or updates.

  • (not used for alerts, only for display).

  • Columns allow you to sort and view information about cases.

Taking action on cases

  • The Status column displays the status from eBay's Resolution API.

  • Hover over the tooltip for more information about the status.

  • Click the information button in the Actions column to open the case ticket:

  • When using a case type tab, you can select multiple cases and use the Bulk Actions menu to respond quickly.

Case Alerts

  • Select the Alerts tab to set up alerts for you and your teammates.

  • Then, enter email addresses to send alerts to, select case events to receive alerts for.

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