*Due to a new Facebook policy, your Pages needs 2,000 or more likes to have an “eBay Store” Shop Tab* 

If your Page has 2000 likes, please click here to install our app and connect your 3Dsellers account: 


If your page does not have 2,000 likes yet, you can use the instructions below to set up a “Shop Now” button:


Begin by choosing and saving your store's template and settings:


1. Copy your link from 3DSellers by clicking the "Facebook Link" button:

Or by using this button:  


2. On your Facebook Page,
click "Add Button,"
or choose "Edit Button":


3. In the pop-up window,
click "Shop with you,"
select "Shop Now"
then hit "Next"


4. Then, click "Website Link"


5. A new little window will appear,
paste your link into the input
and press "Save":


6. Click Finish, Test your Button to see your store!

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