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Fix EXIF Orientation - Photos are rotated, upside down, sideways, flipped? | iPhone photos for eBay
Fix EXIF Orientation - Photos are rotated, upside down, sideways, flipped? | iPhone photos for eBay

Images taken with a rotated iPhone or digital camera may not display the correct orientation on eBay. Learn why & how to fix images in bulk

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Why are my images in the wrong orientation/direction on eBay?

  1. Photos taken on iPhones (and many digital cameras) are not technically rotated.

  2. Instead, 'metadata' called "EXIF" is saved with the image. A part of the EXIF logs the correct orientation of the picture.

  3. The website (or application) reads the EXIF when you open the photo.

  4. The software then rotates the picture before showing it to you.

However, eBay doesn't support auto-rotating images with EXIF.

Important Note: The solutions below require Windows 10+

How to check if EXIF Orientation is causing the issue

Option 1)

Best for individual image editing

In File Explorer, open the Details Pane:

  • ViewShow → Details pane

The Details Pane displays the image without the EXIF rotation:

Option 2)

Best for bulk/ batch editing

Open Details View

  • View → Details

  • Right-click the column headers.

  • Select More

  • Enable Orientation

  • Click Ok

  • → You will now see the EXIF Orientation column in File Explorer.

How to bulk/batch convert/fix EXIF image rotation:

Below is how to quickly resolve the photo rotation (without purchasing apps).

Pro Tip: After doing this once or twice, it is faster than using an app.

Step 1:

  • Download these two .exe files

(These are simple system scripts. You do not need to learn a new app)

"jhead" link location:
"jpegtran" link location:
  • Important:
    → Move the two files to some folder to save them.

Step 2:

Copy the files into the Folder with the images

  • Copy the .exe files

  • Paste the .exe files into the images folder.

Step 3:

Fix the images with a command line

  • Type "cmd" into the File Explorer address bar
    (while viewing the folder with images)

  • Press Enter

  • → Windows Command Prompt will open.

  • Copy/ Paste the following text into the terminal

jhead -autorot *.jpg
  • Press Enter

The image rotation/orientation will display correctly on all websites and devices.

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