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How to download eBay sales for a specific time period
How to download eBay sales for a specific time period

Generate a custom eBay orders CSV report for a certain day, week, month, etc.

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Use Report Center to generate a CSV report of your eBay orders in any time period from up to 90 days prior.

Custom Report Settings

Create a Custom Report with these settings to filter orders within a specific time period:

A) Choose Orders as your Report Type

  • To analyze sales, we will need to tally our order data in Excel or Google Sheets.

  • Note: "sales" in "Listings" reports will include the total sales for the lifetime of the item.

B) Include data from the last 90 days

  • While you may only want to download orders from last week, setting this to "90" will ensure you can change the setting in step "D" to a farther back date after saving this report (without adjusting this setting again).

  • Simply: The filter in step "D" will determine the actual date, this setting will "allow" for orders up to 90 days.

C) Set your timezone

  • The report data will include data from 12:00 AM (00:00) in this timezone on the dates you choose in the next step.

D) Filter: Order Date >> Between

  • Select "Order date" as the filter,

  • and "between" as the operator.

  • Then, choose the beginning and end date of the report.

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