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How to upload tracking information via CSV file
How to upload tracking information via CSV file

How to update tracking information for multiple eBay & eCommerce transactions with a CSV file upload

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Prepare your tracking CSV

Shipping Info:

A CSV row for each shipment must include:

To ensure you have the correct carrier label:

  • Add tracking to an order.

  • Select your carrier.

  • Use the spelling of the carrier after it is selected.

Transaction details:

Your CSV row also must include either:

  • An Order ID and Item ID:

Order ID

Item ID

Tracking Number






  • Or only a Transaction ID

Transaction ID

Tracking Number





Upload your CSV

  • Before uploading a tracking CSV, please sync your orders:

  • On the Tracking CSV page, click the Update Tracking CSV button.

  • In the pop-up, choose the CSV file from your PC.

  • Choose whether you are updating with an Order ID or Transaction ID:

  • Select your CSV column headers to match the Imported Fields.

  • A fallback value can be used if a CSV row is missing a field, or there is a constant value. (example: say all carriers in the CSV are the same. If you set the fallback to the carrier, you don't have to include a carrier field in the CSV)

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