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Template too big? Overflowing off screen?
Template too big? Overflowing off screen?

This may be due to HTML code that formats the description text. Read here to learn how to fix this display issue.

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What is the issue?

The description text may include HTML code that forces design templates too big for an eBay description. This can cause image carousels and entire template sections to display as "stretched."

If you see a horizontal scrollbar when a template is applied, this may confirm the issue.

You can also check if this is the case by editing a description in "Code View." Then, search for the following text:


If you get any results, the description code may be the cause.

How do I fix it?

You can use Listings Manager to perform a "Find and Replace" Bulk Action to remove the code that causes this.

  • Select items with the Listings Manager.

  • Choose Find and Replace from the Bulk Actions menu.

  • Only enable Description and PHP regex.

  • In the Find field, paste the exact following text (spaces included):

 width:(.*?);| max-width:(.*?);
  • Leave the "Replace with" field blank, and the code will be deleted. (see warning below)

Image Warning: If the description text (not the template) includes images, use this in the "Replace with" field instead of the above:


The code above will prevent the image from being too big but may enlarge some images to 100% width.

Didn't work?

Try the same settings again, but use this text in the Find field:


Then use the following in the Replace field:


For images in descriptions, use this Replace field:


How do I prevent it?

Copying description text from Microsoft Word or other document editors (or websites) may cause these template issues.

You can either

  • paste the description into the description editor with "CTRL + SHIFT + V" and reformat it

  • or use Code View in the Listing Designers' description editor to Find and Replace with the settings above.

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