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Template sidebar missing on eBay listings?
Template sidebar missing on eBay listings?

Your (template sidebar may not display on mobile or when eBay's Listing Frame sidebar is turned enabled.

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If your sidebar is turned on and you don't see in on your listings, it could be due to either:

Reason 1: Mobile Display

  • If you're viewing your listing design on mobile, some templates will hide the sidebar, or put it at the bottom.

Reason 2: Store Listing Frame

  • If you have an eBay Store subscription, eBay's default left sidebar may be forcing your design to hide your sidebar (not enough space).

To disable eBay's sidebar:

  • Click this link to visit eBay Listing frame options. Note: the link to "listing frame" is located at the bottom of this eBay help page.

  • under Store Header Features

  • choose either Store Header Only 

  • or None

After clicking Apply at the bottom of your screen, eBay's sidebar will be removed and your 3Dsellers sidebar will be displayed.

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