While you can use any app, service, or integration alongside ours, you cannot run two of the same features at the same time. With ERPs and services like SellBrite, you may experience a few limitations in 3Dsellers features.

Essentially, any data that your app syncs automatically cannot be updated by 3Dsellers. And if a listing is updated by 3Dsellers, your app will revert those changes back to the settings in your app's system.

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Choose one of these sync configurations to see if any of your 3Dsellers features are affected.

My app...

My app uses eBay listings to create products on other channels.

  • If using a service such as ExportYourStore, where it does not update your eBay listings but uses them to sync data to Shopify or Amazon, you may freely use our software for any task.

My app only syncs my inventory and price to eBay.

  • In this case, you will not be able to use Inventory Control or make changes to prices or quantities. However, you can still use our internal pricing features on your listings (Profit settings, tags, wholesale price) Otherwise, all other features and tools may be used.

My app publishes my items for me (or syncs description & other listing info)

  • Sadly, this means that any 3Dsellers feature that can update your listing on eBay will not work with your app. Any change you make to your eBay listings will be reverted to the app's settings.

  • However, you can still use a plethora of other marketing, management, and automation features. If this is your situation, kindly reach out to us and let us know which software you are using to sync your items. We will be happy to work with you on customizing your subscription.

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