3Dsellers is compatible with every selling app.

But depending on the other tool you're using, there may be a few limitations.

1 - External eBay Item Syncing

Any changes to listings will keep getting reverted if another app is managing your eBay items.

These are some common syncing setups that will revert your changes:

  • Shopify/Woo/Wix to eBay

  • Software that syncs items to multiple marketplaces

If your items are being synced to eBay similarly to one of these options above and cannot edit your items, feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to continue using our other tools for marketing products and managing workflows.

2 - No Double-Enabled Features

Other selling software may contain similar features to 3Dsellers.

For example,

  • ShipStation also has a "Leave Feedback" feature for eBay.

  • Their feature will need to be disabled for 3Dsellers' "Leave Feedback" feature to work (or vise versa).

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