Need your header image to change with screen size? Listing Designer includes two different options for a responsive header image, one for each template editor.

Choose which template editor you are using:

Make image responsive with New templates:

  • Start by adding a new block (any block) and delete the contents:

  • Click the Image button and upload your banner/photo

  • Select the image and click the ruler button

  • Set Width to 100%

  • Set the Height to auto

After clicking Update, your image will adapt to any screen size.

Make header image responsive with Classic templates:

Note: this feature is currently only available for template headers that have a background image option. Templates such as "Boxed" do not have the option below.

  • Hover over the large header image to reveal the Zoom settings.

  • Select the third Fit option:

The first two options are used to make your header image a background, where it will be cropped with screen size.

Now, the header image will be fully displayed and adapt to any screen size:

Pro Tip: remove store name

If you want to remove the title, click the edit button, and delete the text. If the text is blank, the title will be automatically hidden.

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