Why cross-promote items automatically?

At the bottom of your eBay listing description are a plethora of related products from your competitors.

You can keep your visitors from seeing these (and get the clicks instead of your competition) by using Listing Designer to show buyers all of your related items first.

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  • Templates labeled "Classic" do not support the following feature.

  • Follow this guide to keep your promoted items up to date.

Step 1 - Create or edit a design

Step 2 - Edit Promoted Items block

  • Scroll down to the Suggested For You block:

Or, add a new Promoted Items block:

  • (A) At the top of the designer, click the Block Library button

  • (B) Click the Promoted Items tab

  • (C) Select the promoted items block with Add Block button

Step 3: Choose your settings

On the top right of the Promoted Items block,

  • (A) Click the gear/cog icon

  • (B) Click the Settings tab

  • (C) Choose your setting (see below)

  • Applied Listing's eBay Category
    The Listing Designer will automatically promote products from the same eBay category as the listing.

  • Applied Listing's Store Category
    If you have an eBay Store subscription, Listing Designer will automatically promote products from the same Store category as the listing.

  • Static
    The items you add to this section in the designer are what will be promoted on every listing with this design applied.

After saving and applying your design, listings with this template will now promote items based on the category setting you chose.

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