Custom Filters and Views are powerful features developed to keep your workflow personalized and fluid. 

If you're looking for a specific conversation, but can't quite find it, you can create quick custom filter to make the search faster. 

Or you can create every-day-use customized filters/views to see tickets with certain attributes 

This keeps your everyday messages reply-ready, filtered just way you want them.


Two custom filter/view options

One is on the Left Menu,
and the other is on the top of your inbox (tabs):

For this article, to help keep things simple,
 - "
Custom Filter" refers to the filter on the Left Menu.
 - "
Custom View" refers to the filter on the top of your inbox.


Each of these Custom Filters/Views are separate filters

This means you can use 

  • a Custom Filter on the Left Menu
  • and a Custom View at the top

This allows you to dynamically hone in on the tickets you need without editing your filters.

*Custom View affects all of your folders/filters from the Left Menu*


Step 1: Create a Filter/view

Custom Filter:
on the Left Menu, use Add Filter button under the Custom Filters section.

Custom View:
on the top right of your inbox, click the filter icon button.


Step 2: Set your filter

After clicking one of the "add filter" buttons, a popup of filter fields will display:

Each field will allow you to add criteria for your custom filter/view. 

Each option allows you to choose which attributes the filter looks for:

  • Name
    create an easily recognizable name for your filter/view.
  • Channel
    filter by the marketplace you are receiving messages from (eBay/Amazon).
  • Account
    filter by the seller accounts you have connected to 3Dsellers.
  • Status
    show tickets with a certain Status.
    (read about Ticket Statuses)
  • Ticket Type
    show tickets of a certain Type.
    (read about Ticket Types)
  • Tags (Include/Exclude)
    filter by Tags given to certain tickets.
    (read about Tags)


Step 3: See Your New Filter/view

After adding a Custom Filter, your filter will appear in your Custom Filters section in the Left Menu.

After adding a Custom View, a new view-tab will appear at the top. 


Step 4: Edit your Filter/view

You can edit either your Custom Filter or View at any time with the edit buttons:


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime at 

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