You can provide exceptional service to your buyers by programming your eBay email messages to send when one of your listings sell, is shipped, or when a buyer leaves you feedback!

Step 1 - Choose a Message 

Choose a message you would like to customize. Go to Messages


Step 2 - Under "General Settings" Section

a) Click the "message to be sent after ___" drop-down menu.
b) Select the event that will trigger sending your message.
    Either, Item Sold, Shipped, & Positive/Neutral/Negative Feedback

Important Note: 

If two or more messages are set to send for the 

only one message will send.

Click here to learn how to use Rules to send different messages for different items.

Step 3 - Set the Time Delay

You can delay a message from sending up to one week after the transaction event.

a) Click the "message to be sent ___" drop-down menu.
b) Select the delay of when the message should send. 

After saving, your message will send according to the event and delay you chose.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time at [email protected]

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