This feature allows you to send codes and keys to your buyers when they purchase your digital goods product on eBay ;)

Let's set up a code database to send to buyers for a digital good product:


1. In the Digital Goods tab, click "Add New Codes"


2. In the pop-up window, set a name for your digital good for easy organization.
Then, input a "Dynamic Field Name." 

The dynamic field name will be used to put the code in your message, be sure you can recognize it easily.


3. Next, insert your bank of codes.
You can use the same product key for all buyers, or you can input as many codes as you'd like on separate lines.


4. Select "Add digital code" button and your codes will appear below:

If you choose to use a database like this example, each time a code is sent it will be deleted from the database and a new key code will be sent to the next buyer.


5. After saving, your code bank will appear in your list of eBay digital good products, and is ready for you to add it to your messages.


6. Edit or create a new message with these settings:


  (a) Send after item sold:


  (b) For fast delivery, choose "Send message using eBay messaging system"


  (c) Set Sending Rules to match the item ID of your listing:


  Note: you can find the item ID of your Digital Good in your listings URL, or with the listing designer/tool:


7. Create a new message, or edit an old one.

The Dynamic Link you set earlier will appear with your message editor under "Dynamic Fields"

Simply click Dynamic Fields, then choose your Dynamic Link and it will be inserted it into your message.


Now, every time a buyer purchase this item from you, the code from your database will be send inside a message!
Please let us know at if you have any questions!

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