It's proven:
..the better your eBay listing descriptions, the more you'll stand out and sell ;)

Creating the perfect eBay listing designs doesn't have to be long and difficult. 

3Dseller's Listing Designer tool is built to the needs of eBay sellers.
You request, 3Dsellers listens and works.

This new template management update is tuned to dramatically speed-up your workflow and 'easify' the design creation and publishing processes. 

Listing Designer is developed to make your eBay business workflow simple and fast.


In this article, we'll walk through the top NEW features and updates of the Listing Designer:

  • Multi-category/ listing template support 
  • Auto-update listing designs after editing templates
  • Advanced listing filters/ search
  • Apply eBay template designs in bulk 
  • Add custom HTML to eBay templates



Quick review of customized eBay listing template editor options: 

In the Listing Designer's template customizer you can:

  • Change custom Colors and Header Images
  • Create navigation & Category Button Links
  • Display Selling Policies/ Terms
  • Show an Opt-In banner for your eBay Newsletter
  • Cross-Promote Featured Products
  • Enable more elements such as Banners, Videos, Slider Displays, Feedback as Testimonials, About Section and more: 

Click here for a deeper look into these options (with pictures)


NEW - Automatic Update on Save:

When saving an eBay template design, you can automatically update all the listings that currently have this design applied:



NEW - Create custom HTML Template for eBay designs,
Edit your saved 3Dsellers eBay templates,
and Import listing templates from external sources:

Click Here to read full How-To instructions!


NEW - Advanced Filter for Multi Category/ Listing Support:

The Listing Designer lets you create as many eBay design templates as you need. You can then easily apply them in bulk to any type of listings you want!


  • Make different template designs for categories, individual products, seasonal/ promotional items, or anything else you'd like:


  • Then, in your Listings tab, use advanced filters to select the right items to apply your eBay designs to: 


  • Once you've set your filters, select your items and template design, then click "Update eBay listings" button to apply your design to specific products:



NEW - Select all of your listings in the 'Listings' tab to do a bulk update on all of your items:

No matter how many pages of eBay listings you have, you can select them all by checking the top check box, then clicking "Select all your eBay items" link:


 NEW - Edit Descriptions with Find and Replace:

Yes, that's right. You can use a find & replace function and live edit your eBay descriptions right inside of the Listing Designer.


NEW - Order your items by SKU, Price, Quantity, Ending Date, and Creation Date:

You can now sort your items by various eBay attributes to help you find what you're looking for even faster :)

From the 3Dseller's team:

A special thanks to all the sellers who asked and voted for these new features on our feature request boards! These updates were developed for you :)

We've received great feedback so far for the new Listing Designer, and are very happy that we've been able to speed up and simplify your eBay business workflow! 

If you've got a question or want to share your thoughts, feel free to reach out to us anytime!


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