The Blacklist feature can keep your messages from sending when certain items are sold:

In this example, I don't want messages to send for items that I'm selling "For Parts." So, I'll create a blacklist rule:


1 - In the Blacklist tab, Click "Add rule":


2 - Choose a 'targeting method.'

I'm going to choose "Title".

You can also create rules for specific items with SKU & Item ID.


3 - Set the 'operator'

I'm choosing "Contains" so all of each title is analyzed by the Blacklist.


4 - Set the value you want to target:

My "For Parts" listings always have the words 'for parts' in the title.
So, I'll set this as my keyword.


5 - After choosing "Add Rule," a blue 'rule tag' will appear.

Now, my messages will no longer be sent when a sold item has 'for parts' in the title :)



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