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Let's have a look into the time and money-saving power of ending your GTC listings automatically:

Two common examples of why ending GTC listings is important: 

  • Under-performing items' listing fees are costing you more than what you're selling.
  • You have seasonal or promotional sales that you don't have time to find and end individually.


The easiest time-saving solution:

  • Have GTC Automation tool automatically end the item for you :)


Here's an example of how to create a rule that ends low-performing items 60 days after the listings are published:



1. First go to 'GTC Automation' and click 'Create GTC Rule'


2. Name the rule, then choose parameters that target low-performing items.


3. Choose attributes that would be considered low-performing to your business.
I've chosen:

eBay Quantity Sold -> Less than 3
Watchers -> Less than 5


4. Select the time that the rule should end these items:

For low-performing items, I chose 60 days after the published date. 

These settings say:
If an item has less than 3 sales and 5 watchers after 60 days from the listing date, then end the listing.


5. We also have the option to automatically re-list the item after it is ended. 

This will bump ended items back into the search results and give them a second chance


6. Before you save, you can view how many, and which items the rule is currently targeting.

If one of these items surpasses 3 sales and 5 watchers within 60 days, GTC will not end it.


7. After saving, your rule will appear in your Rules tab. 

You can view the information about the rule,
view the items that are currently being targeted,
and enable/disable the rule:


And there we are!
This rule will now end and re-publish items that are low-performing 60 days after published date.

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