Store owners using Store Designer contact us many times asking us how can they edit or remove the default eBay header. This problem occurs since once you sign up to Store Designer your default eBay store theme doesn’t disappear completely, but you will have to change your eBay store settings so that only your Store Designer template will show.

Since it isn’t so clear how to find or use eBay’s store design control panel we made a short tutorial that will explain how to remove your default store header when using our Store Designer templates.

This is an example of a default eBay header.

You first step is to get to your eBay store management area. To do so go to My eBay > Account > Manage My Store

Next, in your “Manage My Store” area choose on the left sidebar “Display Settings”.

Under “Display Settings” you will find two windows, “Basic Information” and “Theme and Display”.

Under “Theme and Display” choose the “change to another theme” option.

On the left menu under “themes” choose the “Easily Customizable” themes. Next, choose the “custom header only” theme, click on “save settings”.

Now you will be able to see that eBay’s default header was removed and you only have the Store Designer design.

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