Yes! You can decide on the schedule of when reminders will be sent to your buyers, based on their location and the purchase date or order shipment date. 

To set up the timing for your reminders follow these steps:

  1. In your 3DSellers account under your Feedback Reminder dashboard, click on the Feedback reminder settings tab.
  2. Choose under "Schedule reminder after" when to send the reminder, either according to when the item was purchased, when the item is shipped or when the item is estimated to arrive. 
  3. Under Domestic, choose the country from which you are shipping. Next, set the number of days after which the item was purchased or shipped that you want to send the reminder and the time during the day that you want to send the reminder. 
  4. Next, under International settings, repeat these settings for buyers outside your country. 
  5. Save your changes for these settings to take effect.

If you choose to send a 2nd follow up reminder, choose under the Second reminder tab under Set the second reminder to be sent choose how many days after the first reminder to send the follow up reminder.

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