All 3Dsellers listing templates include the following sections:
Header: include store name or logo
include links to different categories or pages in your store.
list different features such as free shipping, 30-day return and free returns.
Product title: will dynamically show your product title
Product description: will dynamically show your product description
Image gallery: will dynamically show the images for that product
Terms: as opposed to the features section, allows you to add paragraphs of text for your store's shipping, returns and cancellation policies.
Item offers: cross sell other products you're selling on eBay.
Categories: show the different categories you have for your eBay store.
Banner: highlight a special offer or promotion with a banner.
Videos: add videos with a video gallery.
Slider: add additional offers with an image slider.
Testimonials: by default will show your latest feedback, you can decide which feedback comments to show here.
About us: add the story of your store and image in this section.

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