Using Kyozou for your multichannel inventory management? 

Want to use our listing templates, designed for the world’s best eCommerce designers and cross-promote your products?

3Dsellers goal is to enhance our users business potential, so we’ve integrated with Kyozou to let you combine our capabilities and boost your sales. 

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to integrate 3Dsellers listing templates with Kyozou:

  • Under “Actions” you will see a button for HTML Code -> Click on it
  • A box titled, “Insert HTML to Listings” will open. Choose Kyozou in the drop down menu of listing tools. 
  • Press “Copy to clipboard”
  • Open Notepad (.txt file) and paste the HTML code, save in .html format

In Kyozou dashboard:

  • Go to Administration -> Design Master
  • In “Upload Your Own Template”, choose the .html file you’ve saved in Notepad


Now that you’ve integrated your Kyozou listings with 3Dsellers listing templates, watch your sales grow with our cross promotional categories, mobile responsiveness and overall modern design. 

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