3Dsellers Platform Feedback Reminder User Manual 


Step-by-step Guide

The following guide will explain how to setup our Cross Sell Emails feature in 3D Sellers Platform. 

If you need further assistance contact us at: support@3dsellers.com.

Subscribe to 3D Sellers Platform

Step 1: 

Sign up to 3D Sellers Platform via


Select the Log in with Ebay button on the right and log in. 

Step 2: 

Enter your eBay ID and password to sign in.       


Step 3: 

Next you will be asked to agree to eBay and 3D Sellers’ terms and conditions. Click the blue Agree button and you will be redirected to the platform..  

Activate Feedback Reminders

Step 1: 

Select Feedback Reminder on the left menu.  

Feedback Reminder feature is the 1st from the bottom. 

Step 2:

Go to the Settings tab.

On top of the page a message will appear. This notification asks you to activate the Feedback Reminder feature 

Once you activate the Feedback Reminder this message will not appear again. .   

The Dashboard show the last 10 sent reminders. However, since the feature is not activated yet, the number of sent reminders will be 0 and the table showing the sent reminders will be empty. 

Set the Reminders Time

Step 1:

Access your control panel by using this link http://site.3dsellers.com/login/

Step 2:

In your control panel select the Settings tab.

Under General Settings you can choose when to send reminders to your buyers:


By default your reminders will be sent 14 days after a purchase was made. But you can schedule your reminders to be sent from 3 to 60 days after the purchase. You can also schedule your reminders according to when you ship your item. 

If you ship internationally you can set up a different time for sending reminders to your international buyers. 

You can also choose to email yourself a copy of each reminder.

You can also choose to send a 2nd follow up reminder and set a time for the follow up reminder. 

Click on the Save Changes Button on the bottom of the page to save all settings.

Edit Reminders Text

Step 1:

Access your control panel by using this link http://site.3dsellers.com/login/

Step 2: 

In your “Message” tab you will be able to choose one of our versions for your reminder’s message or write your own. By default our version #1 will be sent as your message.  

Step 3:

Change the Title of the reminder in the Title field and change the texts in the text box. .

Save changes by clicking on the Save button.  

Step 4::

To change the template please select in the dropdown menu which template you want to edit/use.

Once you’re done, click on the Save button.

Blacklist: Stop Sending Reminders to Specific Buyers 

Step 1:

Access your control panel by using this link http://site.3dsellers.com/login/

Step 2:

Under your Blacklist you will find a list of buyers you chose not to send reminders to. 

To add buyers to this list, enter your buyer’s eBay user ID and then click on Add button.


The buyer’s eBay ID will be added to the list below.

Step 3:

To remove buyer from the blacklist click on the X icon next to the buyer’s name. 

Don’t Forget to Activate

Step 1

After choosing the message and scheduling the reminders, don’t forget  to activate the feature by clicking on the green Start Sending button.  

It will appear under the Message and Settings tab. 

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