PDF Catalog User Manual

Step-by-step Guide

The following guide will explain how to set-up and use PDF Catalog. You will also find here a list of FAQ.

If you need further assistance contact us at support@3dsellers.com or use the messenger below. 

Choose a Catalog Template

Step 1: 

In order to use PDF Catalog you need to log in to 3Dsellers Platform. You can do so using this link:  http://site.3dsellers.com/login/

Step 2: 

Sign into ebay using your eBay seller ID and password.

Step 3: 

Agree to eBay and 3Dsellers’ terms & conditions by clicking on the blue Agree button on the left. 

Step 4: 

You are now logged in. Select PDF Catalog on the menu on the left. 

Step 5:

In PDF Catalog Feature the first tab on the left is Template.

Click on it and see available templates. 

Pick one of the templates.

You can change the color of HD Catalog and A4 Catalog templates. (Available on in 3Dsellers PRO).

When hovering (moving mouse) over one of the templates two buttons will appear: Preview and Save. You can see the catalogs without saving it by using the Preview button. Save the catalog by clicking on the Save button.  

Create a PDF Catalog

Step 1: 

Select the Create tab (2nd tab from the left).

Step 2:

On the top box enter your email address. We will send you a notification to this address once the catalog is ready.

Step 3:

Choose the catalog settings by marking the checkboxes. You can include prices in the catalog.

Save catalog to archive to add that catalog to the archive.

You can also create a catalog for one specific category for your ebay listings. When selecting the Create Catalog for Category box a new menu with a list of your store’s categories will appear. Select one category from this list. 

Step 4:

Click on Create button to create a catalog. 

View Catalog

Go to the 3rd tab View Catalog.

Here you will find a link to your catalog as well as a View Catalog button.

Click on the button to view the catalog, use the link to send it your customers.


Step 1:

Go to the settings tab, the fourth tab from the left.

Choose the catalog Title in the Catalog Title field. Do note, unless you change the title, the title will be your ebay seller ID/Store name.  Save the changes using the Save button at the bottom of page.

Step 2

Short Description.:

You can edit the existing description by clicking on the 

Short Description box and change the text. 

Click on the Save button on bottom of page to save all these changes. 

Step 3:

Choose whether to organize your catalog by category or not. 

You can also set the catalog by sorting according to the cheapest or most expensive items, ending soonest items or new Items. You can also select None if you don’t wish to order the items according to these options.  

Click on the Save button on bottom of page to save all these changes. 

Step 4:

Add contact information.

This information will appear on the last page of your catalog.

Click on the Save button on bottom of page to save all these changes. 

Step 5:

Adding social icons.

You can add links to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest by adding your account name for each of these platforms. If you leave a field empty it will not be appear on the catalog. 

The social icons will appear on the last page of the catalog.

Note: add only your username/account in each platform and not the entire web address.

Click on Save to save changes.  


Step 1:

Select the Archive tab, the 2nd from the right on the top menu.

Here you will find a list of all catalogs you saved to Archive. By clicking on the PDF File under Link column,  you’ll be able to view the catalog and to send it to customers.

You can send different links to different customers if you want them to view different catalogs.

In addition, you can always restore an old catalog as long as it’s saved in the archive.

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