Store designer is a great way to design a beautiful store in minutes.

Do note: the app is only available for sellers who already have an eBay store. If you don't have a store this feature won't work.

So, let's get started:  

1. Go to Store Designer by selecting Store Designer on the left menu.

Start with the Create Design tab (marked in red):

2. When hovering (moving mouse over) a design you'll see preview and customize buttons. Choose Customize and design your store!

3. The design customization includes the following sections:
Slider (main image or sliders)
Item Offers
About Us

4. The Basics:
 a. Next to every section there is a pencil icon, this mean that this section can be edited.  The edit icon:  

b. Every section also has a visibility toggle. You can change the sections from visible to invisible, making this section visible or invisible to buyers.

For example, let's hide the slider by changing its visibility mode.

Page with slider:

The same page with hidden slider looks like this:

c. Almost every feature on the store can be deleted. By hovering on a certain feature, a delete icon will appear:

d. When hovering over a photo a small menu will appear allowing you to change the image settings or replace it with another image.

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