Stores can only be added to existing Facebook Business pages. So opening a Facebook Business page adding is a must if you you'd like to add your eBay listings to Facebook using 3D Sellers' Facebook Store feature.

It's simple and easy. 

Step 1: 

Let’s start out by logging into our Facebook account. 

If you don’t have a Facebook account click on “Sign up for Facebook” to create your account.

Step 2:

Once you’re logged in just visit Facebook’s “Create A Page” area at:

Let’s choose a category for our page, the best category for your page as an eBay seller is “Brand or Product”. Unless you have a brick-and-mortar shop, which in that case you should choose “Local Business or Place”.

Step 3:

In the drop down menu let’s choose a sub-category for our page. So, for instance if you sell jewelry choose the “Watches/Jewelry” sub-category. 

Choose a name for your page, if you’re not sure don’t worry you will always be able to change it later.

After reading Facebook’s page terms click on “Get Started”.

Step 4:

In the next window you will be able to add a profile picture, or logo to your page. The size for the image should be 180X180px. 

Step 5:

Next, upload a cover photo for your page.

Step 6:

That’s it! You will now be sent to your new page and you will be able to add your Facebook store to it. 

Continue on to learn how to subscribe & add a Facebook store to your page.

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