1. Go to the feature: select Cross Sell Emails on the right menu, you will be redirected to cross sell emails dashboard. This is the place to check sent emails, however, since we still haven't set up the feature, the dashboard will be empty.

2.  a. Choose a Template: select the Template tab and then select a template by clicking on one of the templates:

3. b. By hovering (moving the mouse over a template), you can see the Preview and Save buttons. You can change the color of each template by choosing the colors on the left.
Select Preview to see the email. After choosing the template, click on save.:

4. Settings: Below the tab menu you will see a second menu with four links, each leads to a different email. The emails available are: Post Purchase, Shipped Item, After Feedback and After Bid.

5. Select an email you'd like to edit from the above menu. For this example we'll use the After Purchase email.
We'll start by checking the box to use this email. If you don't want this email to be sent, un-check the box.

6. Add store name, it can be your eBay seller ID or your eBay store name.

7. Email Subject line, we added a default title: Thank you for your purchase of {item_name} but you can change it at any time. Click on this field and edit this field.

8. Email Subject: this is the subject line of the email. This is what the buyer see before opening the email. You can edit the text by clicking on this field.

9. Email Title: The email title appears inside the email above the body of the email. The buyer sees this title only after he opened the email. You can edit the text by clicking on this field.

10. Email body - this is the message itself. We offer default message but you can change it and add you own text. On top of the text box you can see tools allowing you to edit the text.

11. We move on to General Settings.
Start by scheduling when the message will be sent. Click on the drop down menu and select the time.

12. Select how many products will be displayed in the message.

13.  In the Show field you can select which items to add. Best Match is the default choice, but you can also select Newly Listed item or Ending Soonest.

14. - Click on the Save Changes button and continue on to the next email.

15. We remind you that you can move on to the next email by selecting the emails tab in the top menu.  

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